My Dog has a Purple Tail.

Have you ever thought how you would describe yourself or how your friends would describe you? Cute, bubbly, shy, giggly, odd, unique, weird, creative, artistic, smart and kind of quiet, mysterious, beautiful, daring.....the list can go on forever. The bottom line is everyone has an aesthetic.  Your aesthetic is your personal look. I always say, be creative, be surprising and be unique.  As those that know me personally.....know that I dare to be different, edgy and colorful on many levels.  The duo tones of my hair and the length of my hair have been my personal aesthetic for years.  Currently it's  black and blue.  Just this past year its been black and pink, black and purple, black and aqua, Black and Red, but never black on black.  And recently, adding red lipstick on certain occasions  makes it a cohesive aesthetic.Blanket has had a purple tail for as long as I can remember.  It's her signature aesthetic.   

I've been a jewelry designer in the fashion industry for over 35 years.  I’ve always tried to have a reason for adding aesthetics to a design instead of just adding something because it looks good.  The aesthetics are the extra details put in to make you or your craft visually appealing. Aesthetics are the artistry. In some ways it’s the eye candy whose function is solely to generate a "wow" or other emotional responses. It’s an added layer of beauty that makes something memorable.  Your aesthetic is part of you and who you are as an individual. It's your look, your taste, your style. Remember, when you like the way you've put yourself together, you feel good.  Your style is reflective of your personality. So, never fear how you look to others.  Be who you are for yourself.  You become an influencer.  Social media, selfies, your stories, hashtags.....Your aesthetic can establish you as a genuine influencer--similiar to wearing "Red Lipstick".

Redesigning a jewelry website can be empowering for a company. Even if you have a small company, like mine-- a new website can create more traffic and interest from customers who have never stepped into your design aesthetic previously.  Most of my customers view me as kind, creative, loyal, determined and driven.  I am an influencer.  My designs are color-driven and somewhat erotic.  They form to the body and enhance your overall aesthetic. 

How does wearing my jewelry and /or scarves make you feel?  Sexy? Happy? Pretty? 

 I don't expect you to wear THIS to your upcoming holiday parties, but I'm sure you CAN find the perfect accessorie by visiting  I'm adding new designs everyday.  Custom orders to match your aesthetic always welcome.

Happy Shopping.

Amy Leiner, December 2018

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