TURQUOISE....The Oldest Gem

 It’s been said that gemstones and minerals bestow healing and well- being.  Living in New Mexico, I have learned quite a bit about Turquoise.  I first became an admirer of this extraordinary stone when   I attended the University of New Mexico back in 1971.  Most of it is somewhat blurry, but I do remember going to pawn shops and seeing the craftsmanship of the native Americans.  Silver and turquoise were main elements used in their symbolic bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belt buckles, hat and boot embellishments;  just to name a few.  I purchased a beautiful bracelet with green turquoise.  All the symbols on this bracelet were part of a particular tribe.  Whether it was Zuni, Pueblo, Navajo……..the symbols and stones tell very specific stories. Here are some of the symbols that the Native American Artisans use to tell their stories.

Indian Bears: Physical Strength and Leadership

 Indian Bear Claw: Represents inner strength


Indian Feathers: Symbols of Prayers, marks of honor and ideas — represents Creative Force.

Kokopelli: Fertility symbol and the Spirit of Music

The Indian Eagle: Master of the Sky, Carrier of prayers.

The Arrowhead:  The Adventure in each of us.


 Turquoise is the oldest stone in man’s history. This includes Talisman of Kings, Shamans & Warriors.  It’s a stone of protection. thehealingchest.com.  I have learned that Turquoise is the most powerful, metaphysical healing stone.  With all the legend and myth surrounding Turquoise, it has come to symbolize many things — today.  In Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Tibet Turquoise represents Purity.  And, because of its color, it is an ancient symbol of the Sky. The greater the color, the more valuable.  Most of the turquoise mined in the United States comes from Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.  Almost all of these areas that mine Turquoise, are privately owned.  No trespassing. 

 From the beginning of my career designing jewelry, I have always incorporated Turquoise.  I adore the various colors, the matrix, (black veins in Turquoise) the roughness, the earthiness, the contrasts, shapes, quality and origin. Turquoise was definitely the catalyst for my design aesthetic. 

And, not long after, most of my customers would always say, “please add turquoise”, “what do you have with lots of Turquoise?”, “Can you design Turquoise earrings?” So, I’ve come to the conclusion that Turquoise must be my “Spirit” stone. 

 This season , with the trends being Tribal-influenced, Turquoise is showing up in jewelry, clothes, boots, hats, and however you want to embellish.  My favorites combination is gold with Turquoise.

So, now, let’s talk about how to add Turquoise to what is trending this season.

Yellow is huge for Spring. 

Utility Dressing

Pops of color and Straw in handbags (

Mini Skirts in denim (swap jeans for mini skirts — very 80’s). (net-a-porter.com)

Double Denim — Jacket and skirt (zara.com)

Pearls are back.  Not your Grandmother’s  Pearls, but re-imagined with a layer of Turquoise.  https://amyleinerdesigns.com/collections/one-of-a-kind/products/genuine-turquoise-necklace

Big, Bold Pearls https://amyleinerdesigns.com/collections/one-of-a-kind/products/simply-pearls

Hearts — Chunky and oversized. https://amyleinerdesigns.com/collections/one-of-a-kind/products/the-heart-necklace

If you browse through my website, amyleinerdesigns.com, you’ll see quite a bit of Turquoise throughout.  Many of my newer, tribal and Turquoise pieces are under the Necklace tab called: “Specialty Necklaces”.


To learn more about Turquoise, and its meaning and healing properties go to www.energymuse.com 

Have fun exploring Turquoise and finding a way to add it to your Summer style.  It’s timeless.


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Charlotte Meyer

Love this history, Amy. Interesting & informative. Thanks for sharing. Happy Spring!

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