Red Lipstick

Recently I started wearing Red Lipstick.  I went from no lipstick, to beige lip gloss, to this--a bold, bright, red lip.  It's amazing how wearing a red lip makes you feel.  Alive, sexy, beautiful and noticed.

The jewelry I design almost always has red or orange as a design element.  Most of us from the East coast have a very specific uniform. It's called BLACK.  Yes, black clothing is the go-to shade for many reasons.  It's slenderizing, goes with just about anything you have in your closet and, most importantly, its pairs well with a red lip along with  Amy Leiner jewelry and scarves.  The colors are a bold contrast against solid shades of black, gray and white. 

And then, there is the Red Lip to add drama and tie your look together. Red lipstick is classic. Everyone can wear it. From the great film stars of the early 20's, to Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's, Coco Channel, and you. But, like jewelry and apparel, you have to know how to wear it.   For daytime, I love a bright red semi-matte lipstick-- not glossy.  If you have thinner lips, never wear a darker tone.  When wearing a red lip, don't overdue your eyes. Concealer, neutral shadow and little or no mascara. So, imagine you're walking down the street in your favorite jeans, a great black top, fabulous jewelry or a fun scarf made of fiber and feathers from and a bold red lipstick. I love Kylie Cosmetics Red Velvet collection.

Sephora and MAC also have amazing shades of Red.  Boomstick Color by Cindy Joseph, the beautiful model, in her 70's, who has passed away not too long ago, developed an incredible makeup line that can be worn on your face and lips.  Watch the demo video she made right after she developed her line:

In closing, after you "go red, let me know how it makes you feel.  Email me or write to me on Facebook,  I think you'll agree.  It's fun and adventurous to try something new.  Always dare to be different.


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