King Kong

This past week I was privileged to fly to New York and see King Kong on Broadway.I have seen many shows in NYC and regionally, however, this show was an experience.  A memorable experience I will go to see again.  It was so creative and innovative I cannot describe it.  I suggest you try to take yourselves to the theatre to see what I saw.  This leads me to writing about being creative and letting it go without any inhibitions. 

Is everyone creative?  Absolutely...but in different ways and to varying degrees. I love traveling to new places and meeting new people. Being inspired is a huge part of being creative.  Going on trips or even just peeking over someones fence -- this type of creativity definately requires a heightened awareness and being able to make visual observations.  

Have you ever wanted to try being a fine artist.  But, you said, "I can't".  Well, go to an art store, buy some tubes of oil paint, choose your favorite colors with nothing else in mind, and a big fat paintbrush.  Grab a nice big canvas. Blob an entire tube of each color onto individual pallet sheets.  Go to your room and grab a bandana and cover your eyes. Start to paint. Use a brush, use your fingers, use a feather--just start moving the paint around. When you believe you're finished, for now, uncover your eyes and look.  That's raw, organic creativity.  And, you did it.

When I sit and design jewelry, I sit at my color wheel of gemstones and spin the wheel pulling cups of colors I want to use in my next piece. That's the beginning.The rest is easy.  I have no fear of color, in fact, I am one to clash colors in my designs.  It's like imagining the unimaginable. I have chosen color and intricacy to be my design method.  The more attachments the better.  Movement is also a design element I love to incorporate.  Movement always catches the light and creates prisms. I love when that happens. 

Visiting other artists studios, taking a cooking class, pretending, imagining, sharing-all part of the creative process. Your creativity plays a huge role in creating a reality in connection with those around you. 

Seeing King Kong last Thursday night had me walking out of the theatre feeling how wonderful and awesome it was to be so excited and moved by celebrating this  extraordinary creativity.  The theatre was packed.  I believe we were all interconnected feeling the love and energy that went into this unbelievable performance.  This was an experience not to be missed.  

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