I can be whatever I want…..even a unicorn

What is a Unicorn and what does it mean to be one? They're this mythical, magical creature with magic that is truly unique to who we are. It requires us to dig deep through all the layers of what we have learned and been taught throughout the years about how to live our lives. For me, that means, showing up, being kind, being creative and coming to terms with who your authentic self really is -- your personality, style, confidence, power and strength. The fears I developed through the years, are not who I really am, but what society thought I should be. Perceptions, not realities. 

If you were a Unicorn what would you look like? Who would you be? If you peel away the layers to uncover your authentic self, how will your own personal magic appear? Your Unicorn self. If others opinion didn't matter, if you never felt judged, how would your Unicorn feel? If you had to act a certain  way, or dress in a way that covers who you authentically are, when you strip away those layers, would your Unicorn be revealed? When I harness my personal magic, my Unicorn feels whole.

For me, the way I look, the way I live, think, and design is my authentic self.  I love that my vibe is silly, quirky,  edgy, adventurous...and the list keeps growing. I thrive on smiling, laughing and having fun.  But, there is also a quietness I adore, crave, and need.  Being "in my own world" is when my Unicorn steps out onto the stage atop the foundation of my life. The most treasured quality I know I possess is being kind.  That means showing your humanity, empathy, and making someones day brighter, or their sadness a little less painful.  Kind people hug, they help a friend by speaking up for them -- thinking of another person before yourself, showing up no matter what, and being patient when they feel frantic.  When someone does something for another person, it alleviates the weight of just how much someone really needed help. Choosing kindness and making an effort is an act of strength. Sometimes it just takes making someone laugh so hard they forgot why they were troubled in the first place.  And, let's not forget random acts of kindness.  Recently, a person who I never met but have spoken to on occasion, knew that I was always very cold working in my studio.  A few days later, a heater showed up for me to borrow for the winter.  Kindness, authenticity, and humanity.  He used his truest heart , his personal magic, his Unicorn self. 

In my work, I have always given away so much of what I design.  Sometimes customers ask me if I have a layaway program.  I do not, but it is important to me that you get what you want. "Lets put this away with your name on it." I will make sure that one day, when you least expect it, that piece will be yours.  One evening, a neighbor needed something to wear to a special event.  I simply let her borrow whatever it was that made her feel beautiful, confident to stand in front of a large crowd, and to complete her outfit. I have a talent that I use to bring happiness and beauty to my customers.  Paying it forward changed two lives  here -- mine and hers.  

This past year, I learned that being a woman has strength in itself.  I have observed many woman who do not know how, or choose to simply overlook the harshness, battles and everyday struggles that woman go through to simply achieve what they deserve.

So now, in 2019, how will we all harness our inner Unicorn?  What differences will there be in how you share yourself with the world?  Being you, really you, is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  I wish you all a year of strength, kindness, love and peace....filled with magic.

Happy New Year, with love.



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I appreciate hearing your truth, happy New Year 🌟

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