Over the past three years, many people would say to me, "Why?", and I would say, "Why not." The only thing that was holding me back from evolving was me. So, after three years of talking about making a move, I finally said, it's time.  I thought,  is what I was doing today getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow.  And the answer was "No." So, with the help of my family and friends I eliminated, sold, gave away more than half of what was in my home.  We packed up the car and Blanket and I made the four day pilgrimage to Santa Fe, NM.  Just she and I--together. I felt brave, excited, had no expectations, I just knew I needed a new adventure, new scenery, and inspiration.  On day 4 of driving, I finally came to the sign that says, "Welcome to New Mexico. The Land of Enchantment."  Talking out loud to myself, (and to Blanket), I said,very loud, "I did it." 

My friends, Donna and Jill, packed up every single bit of my studio  in Connecticut and shipped everything out to me.  Hundreds and hundreds of every kind of bead in their own little zip lock baggie arrived to my little Casita in Santa Fe.  Dozens of boxes were in front of me and I knew I wasn't going to unpack them until I had a plan.  A few weeks later, and still looking at these boxes of beads, I was introduced, via the telephone, to Vincent Lesh.  He inspired me almost everyday to  evolve into something I always believed was possible.  I started to get excited   At that moment I knew it was time to completely change how I ran my business I created 35 years ago. 

A year has passed since I landed in Santa Fe.  During that time I did not unpack the hundreds of baggies of beads.  I did not design or produce one piece of jewelry.  Instead, over the past year, Vincent Lesh, from basicmagic.net, in Buffalo, NY, created a solid foundation and a brand new website.  It took,  up until yesterday,  to complete.  As with anything new, there is still work to be done, and product to be uploaded, but I am proud  of all that we have done and want to share it with you.  Welcome to the all new AMYLEINERDESIGNS.COM

I recently unpacked all the little zip lock baggies and placed all the beads in their little cups on the Lazy Susan in my brand new studio.   I am ready to begin designing beautiful jewelry for you.  Lauren, from Country Yarns in Connecticut, as always, will be in charge of the production operation of our scarves.

Be brave.  Believe in yourself. Do what feels good. Take risks. You have this one life.   Make yourself proud.  Evolve.

Amy Leiner 

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Stan Berning

Lovely, Amy.

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